The services are pretty good. They braid fast and they are pretty reasonable than other places I have been to.


This is my second time going, and unless I find better (and cheaper), I will remain a customer.

The first time I went (last year) , I made an appt with Awa. I got senegalese twists, which were done quickly and neatly. The only thing I didn't like was how much they braid the hair before they start twisting. I have had senegalese before coming here, and if the stylist did braid the hair, I couldn't tell. But still, my hair looked great and I was pleased. I think this took about 5 hours.

This time I got individual braids. I made a 10:00 appt, but wasn't seen until after 10:30. There were other people waiting, so I don't know if they had appointments as well, or were just walk ins. The girl who did my hair (don't know her name) seemed fairly new but seemed to take pride in her work. After a few hours someone came over to help. By the end, I had about 4 people working on my head, to finish things up. This took about 7 hours, but again, my hair looked great and I was pleased (and tired and hungry).

The shop is clean and the ladies work hard. Everyone is friendly, which is nice too. The seem to have great relationships with their customers as well. I would definitely recommend them, and I will be going back.


This salon does a exceptional ...

This salon does a exceptional job braiding, I love their customer service also


Tina's Hair Braiding is the place to get your hair braided. I have gotten individual braids there now three times since February (including one touchup), and I am so pleased with the service and the style! Everyone who works in the salon is extremely familiar with natural hair care, and use their vast knowledge to recommend the exact right style for you and your hair. I have trusted their judgment each time about braid size, length, curling, etc., and have always been pleased with the result.

If you are reading this review, I'm sure it is because you are looking for a natural hair salon. Look no further...

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